Ethics and Pharmaceuticals

Ethics and Pharmaceuticals was a part of Hold that Thought's Beta Season in February 2012. As such, the format of these programs are a litle different. First, the format for these discussions are videos instead of podcasts. Second, the discussions were led by a moderator, Carol Epstein, who is listed below.


Peter Benson, in Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals, Sleep: Pharmacological fixer-upper or cultural conundrum?, Pharmaceuticals: Has It Always Been This Way?, Pharmaceuticals in the Third World and Ethics and Pharmaceuticals 
Benson is an assistant professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at Washington University. His research involes public health, with a particular focus on the tobacco industry.



Katie Lewis, in Philosophy Student to Project Manager
Lewis is a project manager with the organizations the Health Impact Fund and Academics Against Poverty. She is a 2011 graduate of Washington University and a former student of Kit Wellman.



Kit Wellmanin Thinking Like A Philosopher, Leveraging the Power of Incentives, What counts as informed consent? and Ethics and Pharmaceuticals
Wellman is a professor and chair of the Philosophy Department at Washington University. Wellman works in ethics, specializing in political and legal philosophy.




Carol Epstein, in Ethics and Pharmaceuticals 
Epstein is an active Washington University alumna who has a Master of Liberal Arts from University College. The research she conducted for her master’s thesis led to Epstein co-curating a teaching gallery exhibit at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum featuring Native American art and iconography in January 2011.