Farms/ Food was a part of Hold that Thought's second season, recorded in Fall 2012.


Gayle Fritz, in Ancient Crops of the Midwest
Fritz is a professor of Archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis. She works with archaeobotanical remains to answer questions about how people interacted with plants, particularly, the process of plant domestication and sequences leading to the development of agricultural systems worldwide.




Fiona Marshall, in The Donkey Story and Back to the Beginning
Marshall is a professor of Archaeology at Washington University, and her research revolves around two issues: early hominid lifeways and the beginnings of food-production, particularly on the origins and spread of pastoralism in Africa.




Kenneth Olsen, in Weedy Rice and Evolution
Olsen is an associate professor of Biology at Washington University in St. Louis. His research focuses on the genetic basis of evolution in plants, specifically how the genetic variation we find within a species are shaped by natural selection, population history, and other evolutionary forces.



Glenn Stone, in India and Biotechnology, Agriculture as Industry, and Exploring Sustainability
Stone is a professor of Sociocultural Anthropology and Environmental Studies at Washington University. His research considers the social and political aspects of agricultural systems, agricultural sustainability, and agricultural biotechnology, focusing on the spread of genetically modified crops in developing countries.



Rafia Zafar, in Food and American Culture
Zafar is a professor of English, African and African American, and American Culture Studies as well as the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusiveness and the Director of the Chancellor’s Fellowship Program at Washington University. Her research interests lie in American literature before 1935, especially African American literature of the 19th century and the Harlem Renaissance, and food way and US literature.