Memory was a part of Hold that Thought's second season, recorded in Fall 2012.


Pannill Camp, in “Reperformance” and Memory
Camp is an assistant professor of Drama at Washington University in St. Louis who studies performance theory, theatre architecture and the historiography of modern western theatre, focusing on exchanges between theatrical and philosophical representations in early modern France.



Carl Craver, in Amnesia and Identity
Craver is an associate professor of Philosophy at Washington University and is a philosopher of neuroscience with interests in history and the philosophy of biology, general philosophy of science, metaphysics, and moral psychology. He studies, among other things, the deficits in agency and moral reasoning in people with amnesia.



David Holtzman, in Exploring Alzheimer’s
Holtzman is the Andrew B. and Gretchen P. Jones Professor and chairman of Neurology, professor of Developmental Biology, and associate director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Washington University. His main interest is in the basic mechanisms underlying acute and chronic cell dysfunction in the CNS particularly as these mechanisms may relate to Alzheimer's disease (AD) and injury to the developing brain.



Christine Knoblauch-O’Neal, in “Reperformance” and Memory
Knoblauch-O’Neal is a professor of the practice in Dance at Washington University in St. Louis. She performed for twenty years with companies such as American Ballet Theater, the National Ballet, Dancers, and the Cincinnati Ballet.




Mark McDaniel, in Propective Memory and the Forgotten Lunch
McDaniel is a professor of Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, and much of his research concerns the areas of human learning and memory. One unifying theme in his research is the investigation of factors and processes that lead to memory and learning failures.




Erin McGlothlin, in “Postmemory” and the Second Generation
McGlothlin is an associate professor of German at Washington University in St. Louis as well as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Interim Director for the Center for the Humanities. Her main research interests are in the areas of German-Jewish literature and the literature of the Holocaust.




Henry "Roddy" Roedinger, in False Memory
Roedinger is the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychology at Washington University. His research interests center on learning and memory including the study of memory illusions and false memories and implicit memory.