Going Global

Research in Arts & Sciences spans every continent. In this series, hear from anthropologists, economists, historians, and more as they examine problems and ideas from around the globe.

Image Nicolas Raymond / Lara Mukahirn

September 2, 2015

A Few Dollars Can Help Girls Stay in School. Here's How.

Going Global: Episode #1

In the United States, a woman's monthly period is rarely more than a slight inconvenience. In places like the Tigray region of Ethiopia, however, the story is much different. There, many girls face adolescence without information or basic materials like sanitary pads or tampons. Confused and embarrassed, menstruating young women often stay home from school. With the help of Lewis Wall, one Ethiopian woman is attempting to create a local, sustainable solution to this problem. You can find out more about their efforts at www.dignityperiod.org.