December 14, 2016

Performing Gold: Fanny Kemble, Modern Banking, and the Evolution of Acting

When actress Fanny Kemble took the stage in 1831 as Bianca, the pure and mistreated wife in Henry Milman's play Fazio, she astounded audiences with her true-to-life portrayal of jealousy and grief. Julia Walker, associate professor of drama and English, brings the performance to life and explains why it was so extraordinary. Walker connects Kemble's acting style to historical events and anxieties, especially changing ideas about money and banking. 

Image WikiArt: Fanny Kemble by Thomas Sully (1833). Audio Free Music Archive: Broke for Free, Chris Zabriskie, Fabrizio Paterlini, Jared C. Balogh, Kai Engel, Kevin MacLeod