Ethics and Pharmaceuticals

February 2012

Global poverty, access to medication and the question of ethics; poor people around the world routinely suffer and die from highly treatable medical causes. What is the ethical responsibility of the developed world to this humanitarian crisis? What is the most effective way to address the underlying network of causes? Moderator Carol Epstein sits down with philosopher Kit Wellman and anthropologist Peter Benson to explore corporate and individual responsibility and a new idea called the Health Impact Fund.

Ethics and Pharmaceuticals: An Overview

People in the third world routinely die of diseases and conditions that are highly treatable in the west. Poverty, lack of sanitation and social structures are all contributing factors. In February, we explore this topic with two academic experts, anthropologist Peter Benson and philosopher Kit Wellman, who discuss the issues and talk about how their intellectual training informs the approach they take.

Extra: Q&A with a former Wellman student now working for the Health Impact Fund

February 23, 2012

Philosophy Student to Project Manager

Working for the Health Impact Fund

"I had the sort of quintessential privileged philosophy student breakdown brought on by the luxury of sitting in this beautiful university debating the character of our duties to save the lives of millions of people who we have the power to save. I wanted to find a way to get involved with the practical side of what I had been studying from a theoretical perspective and see how the two aspects related to each other."

-- Katie Lewis, project manager, The Health Impact Fund