October 24, 2012

Listen in!

Scholars discuss the novel Austerlitz

The idea of "postmemory" cuts across academic disciplines and affects many cultures. To further explore the concepts that Erin McGlothlin introduced, join this hour-long meeting of Washington University's Transnational Approaches to Postmemory Reading Group. In this recording, an interdisciplinary team of scholars discusses the novel Austerlitz, by W.G. Sebald. For summaries and context, check out this New Yorker profile of Sebald and the Telegraph's recommendation of Austerlitz from 2008. 


Reading Group participants, in order of introduction: 

Daria Carson-Dussán, subject librarian for Romance Languages and Literatures

Lingchei Letty Chen, associate professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature

Tabea Linhard, associate professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature

Anika Walke, post doctoral fellow, International and Area Studies

Corey Twitchell, graduate student, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Pamela Barmash, associate professor of Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew