February 11, 2013

Design as a Social Act

Cities: Episode #1

At its construction in St. Louis in 1951, Pruitt-Igoe was hailed as a model for future public housing efforts, but within two decades the area had decayed into an impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhood. By 1976, the entire complex was demolished. What caused this housing project to fail so spectacularly, and how can contemporary architects avoid the same mistakes? Susanne Cowan, a post-doctoral fellow in architecture and history, discusses the legacy of these buildings and the evolution of social design.

Cowan, with Ayda Melika, co-produced the forthcoming documentary film Design as a Social Act.

image via wikimedia commons. audio free music archive: vate, ubik; PBS news hour: the death of an architectural myth; KWMU: Pruitt-Igoe Implosion.