December 10, 2012

India and Biotechnology

Farms/Food: Episode #7
India has more hungry people than any other country in the world. Can biotechnology solve its problems? Glenn Stone, professor of sociocultural anthropology and environmental studies at Washington University in St. Louis, describes the controversies and debates surrounding the role of genetically modified crops in the developing world. Stone writes about food, farming, and biotechnology on his blog, FieldQuestions.
A Warangal woman farmer who was an early adopter of Bt cotton hand-waters her recently planted seeds. Normally hand watering is unheard of, but like most early adopters, she lavished extraordinary attention on the field with the expensive Bt cotton seed. Such fields were then reported by economists as evidence that Bt cotton had an inherent “yield advantage” (Smale, et al. 2010; Smale, et al. 2006; Stone 2011). (Summer 2002)

image Courtesy of Glenn Stone. audio Shamil Elvenheim - Night in India.