November 12, 2012

False Memory

Memory: Episode #4

How trustworthy is human memory? Henry Roediger, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, describes his research into how and why errors in memory occur. As Roediger's research reveals, suggestive questioning, repetition, and false inferences all can cause people to remember details incorrectly, or even to remember whole events that never happened. The implications of this research are far-reaching, especially in the justice system. According to the Innocence Project, nearly 75% of overturned convictions have involved witness misidentification. You can learn more about Roediger's research at the Department of Psychology's Memory Lab website.

image Washington University Memory Lab. audio Free Music Archive: Chris Zabriskie, Peter Johnston; Internet Archive: Zak Grim; freesound: audible-edge, freqman, HerbertBoland, huubjeroen, Project_Trident, reinsamba.