March 12, 2014

Jane Eyre and the Art of Translation

On Language: Episode #5

When you think of the novel Jane Eyre, you might think of its author, Charlotte Brontë, or perhaps certain elements of the plot, like Jane's time at Lowood School or her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Rochester. However, in a recent project, Lynne Tatlock is exploring how the original novel is only the beginning of the Jane Eyre story. Like many other 19th century texts, this novel was repeatedly translated into other languages and adapted into new works. Tatlock, a professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures and chair of the Comparative Literature program at Washington University in St. Louis, seeks to uncover the German portion of that international journey. In addition to sharing thoughts on this new line of research, Tatlock discusses 19th century German romance novels in translation and reveals some of the challenges and insights that she has personally encountered as a translator.

Jane Eyre and the Art of Translation by Hold That Thought. image Project Gutenberg. Audio Free Music Archive: JAROD C. BALOGH, CHRIS ZABRISKIE, BROKE FOR FREE, DISCOUNT FIREWORKS.