April 23, 2015

How to Rethink Innovation and Bridge Divides

Where's My Jetpack?: Episode #2

"I'm firmly convinced that we have to understand the roots of health disparities, from cells societies. One approach alone isn't going to do it."  -Sarah Gehlert

Psychology graduate student Lameese Eldesouky has noticed a trend in research. In some cases, scientists in fields like genetics or biology have an easier time getting funding than researchers who study topics that are less easy to put into numbers, like relationships. In this episode, Eldesouky interviews professor Sarah Gehlert about her thoughts and experiences bridging the divide between the social sciences and the life or physical sciences. Gehlert, who has led cross-disciplinary research efforts into topics like racial disparities in health, discusses how in order to to make true progress, we need to start thinking about innovation in new ways.

The Where's My Jetpack? series is produced in collaboration with ProSPER, a graduate student group promoting science policy, education, and research.

Image Flickr: Aidan Jones. Audio Free Music Archive: Broke for Free.