July 13, 2016

Grief and Memoir: Writing about the Tough Stuff

Craft Lit: Episode #4

Today, we consider the memoir. Kathleen Finneran, a writer in residence at Washington University in St. Louis, talks about her memoir The Tender Land: A Family Love Story, which focuses on her family and how their lives were altered by the suicide of her younger brother. She considers how writing the book affected her grieving process and chronicles her family's surprising reaction to the book.

June 22, 2016

Poetic Elements

Craft Lit: Episode #1

How do you make a poem? Renowned poet Carl Phillips finds inspiration for his work in even the every day moments of his life. In this re-release of a 2013 interview, Phillips shares his writing process, discusses his (then) latest poetry collection Silverchest, and imparts his personal antidote to poetry. 

March 30, 2016

Religion and Comic Books: A Tangled Web

Comic Con 2016

Most people don't normally associate comic books and superheroes with religion. However, Roshan Abraham, a comics studies scholar and assistant professor of religious studies and classics, reveals how religion is actually in the DNA of comics. He traces the many ways religion influences, shapes, and appears in comics, and how scholars in both religious and comics studies face very similar problems. 

April 16, 2015

Graduate Students Ask: Why Does Innovation Take So Long?

Where's My Jetpack?: Episode #1

Ever wonder why innovations in areas like health care and energy always seem just over the horizon, instead of already here? You're not alone. At Washington University in St. Louis, graduate students wrestling with this question created the "Where's My Jetpack?" speaker series to shed light on barriers to innovation. Rebecca Lowdon, cofounder of the graduate student group ProSPER, and Kimberly Curtis, assistant dean for graduate student affairs, discuss the creation of ProSPER, the "Where's My Jetpack?" series, and the importance of graduate student leadership.


The Future of Energy

As the human race continues to flourish, where will our energy come from? Hold That Thought talks to three scientists who think that algae hold an important answer to this question, as well as an economist who helps us navigate the numbers. Listen to their thoughts in this hour-long podcast.

By Tim Lloyd, with Robert Blankenship, Ursula Goodenough, Joseph Cullen and Himadri Pakrasi. Thanks to Jefferey Matthews for voice work.